Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughts on Idol's Top 12

Didi Benami, 23 (Tennessee) - There's something to the fact that I can't remember any of her performances. I do know she's a good singer and deserve her spot in the top 12, but again I wish I can say more about it.

Crystal Bowersox, 24 (Ohio) - I love her. And I'm just glad the judges and the audience (for now) agree. She's my unofficial horse in the race just the way Kelly and Kris were early on. Her voice is just phoenomenal.

Lacey Brown, 24 (Texas) - She has such an interesting voice, but I think she has a hard time connecting with the audience. I mean she's doing enough to get this far, but she really needs to separate herself other than by her unique voice.

Lee Dewyze, 23 (Illinois) - I noticed him all the way in Hollywood. He has a great swagger, good look, and more importantly a great voice. I can't help comparing him to David Cook. We'll see if that's good or bad.

Andrew Garcia, 24 (California) - I was rooting for him early on and he was my "pick" until I heard Crystal sing. He has faltered a bit in both performance and self-esteem, but he just needs a great performance to bring him out of this funk.

Casey James, 27 (Texas) - There's something very appealing about him. I think it's his confidence, which A LOT of the guys this season have been lacking. But his confidence never goes over to cocky, which is great.

Aaron Kelly, 16 (Pennsylvania) - I'm not saying he's not talented. He's super talented, but he doesn't belong in the top 12. I know why he made it in. I mean Justin Bieber is constantly trending on twitter. That tells you all you need to.

Michael Lynche, 26 (Florida) - Wasn't really a fan of his until this week's performance which he just knocked out of the park. He has an amazing personality and he is a real threat to go really far based on that alone really.

Siobhan Magnus, 19 (Massachusetts) - She's interesting. And yet I feel as if I'm still underselling her by saying that. She's crazy talented and so much fun to watch. I'm hoping America doesn't get too annoyed by her quirks, because I love them.

Paige Miles, 24 (Florida) - She has a good voice, but she's not harnessing it. All of the performances she's done I felt as if she's held back. She's a bit all over the place and well I don't actually think she was supposed to be in the top 12.

Katie Stevens, 17 (Connecticut) - Her place in the top 12 is debatable, but she does have a pretty good voice. I wished she sang more "her age" but that's the type of music she likes. Not a big fan, but she's all right.

Tim Urban, 20 (Texas) - Last night's performance was above average, but the ones before were pretty bad. While he's undoubtedly cute and not talentless, I'm not convinced he should be in the top 12 (or top 24 really). His good looks will take him so far though, I'm hoping.

Should've Been In the Top 12: Katelyn Epperly, John Park, and Lilly Scott. Though I wouldn't have minded seeing Alex Lambert also grow out of his shell.

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