Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughts on Idol's Top 10

It's interesting that earlier this season it was all about how the girls are better than the guys this season and that Simon predicted that a girl would win this season and yet the first time the guys and the girls sing together, it was two girls who got the boot early, Lacey Brown and Paige Miles. Neither of them were going to win, but I'd probably keep Lacey and get rid of Tim Urban instead.

In any case, the top 10 is set and these are the ten guaranteed a spot in the annual Idol summer tour, which means a lot of moola and exposure for those ten. Here are my current thoughts on those ten:

Didi Benami - She's good, but she's a bit bland and a wee bit forgettable. She tried to sex it up this past week only to look desperate and fake. She needs to do a performance that will make people remember her or at least feel more inclined to vote for her.

Crystal Bowersox - She's my pick to win and it seems like the judges and the voters agree. It's a difficult position to be in so early in the competition though since SO MANY things can still happen between now and the finale. But if she keeps staying true to herself and belting out great songs one after another, she's golden.

Andrew Garcia - I agree with the judges that not only is he disappointing me, but he's making me regret rooting for him so early on. He's clearly talented, but his song choices and arrangements have been off.

Casey James - I admit I'm a bit of a fan. I mentioned his confidence early on as something very appealing about him and he's continued to display that. Add that to his raw talent and there's not much he can do wrong. He knows who he is as an artist and knows how to play to the audience. Dark horse?

Aaron Kelly - Last time I talked about him, I said he didn't deserve to be in the top 12. I take that back. I still think it would've been better if he came back a year or two older, but he really has held his own again his older counterparts. Plus I was impressed at how he handled sickness this past week.

Michael Lynche - I haven't been wowed by his performance during the past two weeks and I agree with the judges in feeling that he is coasting just a little bit. It helps that he is freaking lovable and that will carry him far, but he needs to step it up and challenge himself a bit more.

Siobhan Magnus - The faux-hawk said it all really. She's someone to watch, crazy talented, and a little bit divisive. She's exciting and is one of my favorites because she's quirky and doesn't mind taking risks.

Katie Stevens - I'm still not jiving with her pop-rock/R&B interests coupled with her old soul voice. It's a little bit like oil and water at least for now. No doubt those two things could combine to a potent performance. Just that she really needs to be careful picking songs and arrangements.

Tim Urban - He's cute. That's pretty much it really. He doesn't have a terrible voice. Far from it, but he's just overly stiff. He tried to dance and slide on stage this past week, but it came off more cheesy and less authentic. His voice caliber just doesn't hold up compared to the others and I do wish he goes sooner rather than later.

Later, I'd like to talk about Crystal Bowersox possibility of winning (or not winning) plus how her "rivalry" with Siobhan Magnus reminds me a little bit (not totally) of the Kris Allen-Adam Lambert rivalry of last season.

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