Monday, March 15, 2010

Stupidity Rules on Idol, Runway, and Race

Right now I'm only watching three reality shows and while I know better than to expect anything other than stupidity reigning, I had hopes. These three shows, however, has given me an opportunity to rant about the audience, the judges, and the contestants. Here I go...

I already posted my thoughts on this year's American Idol Top 12 and it's not an awful bunch. Plus with Paula Abdul gone, the caliber of the actual judging have gone up. The stupidity comes solely in the form of the voters who thought that Paige Miles, Katie Stevens, Tim Urban, and Aaron Kelly were actually worthy of being included in the top 12. It wouldn't have been so bad if there weren't great singers who could've taken their place, but alas there were. Now I've never had high hopes for this season especially after the trifecta of awesome that was Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, and Alison Iraheta last season, but with Crystal Bowersox, I at least have found for myself someone to root for. Don't be stupid now, America.

The judges on Project Runway must be seeing something I'm not, because I thought they got rid of the wrong designer two times in a row now. To those who know me, I am far from a fashion expert, but I also know a major wreck when I see it. Last week, Jesse was sent home for a poofy and uncomfortable dress, but his dress was a masterpiece especially in comparison to Emilio's washer-inspired swimsuit which was as classy as a three-dollar whore. Eventually, I was okay with it, but then the judges did it again this week. Ben's suit was not well-made and bordered on the cheesy, but Amy's black leotard-inspired outside complete with hairy tits burned the retinas. So of course, she made it through. Of course. If I see Amy and Emilio in the final three, I'll probably throw something. I don't have anyone I'm rooting for yet. Maybe Jay.

Finally, we get to Amazing Race, which, in my not-so-humble opinion, is the best reality show out there right now. Nothing is inherently wrong this season and I'm enjoying the locales and challenges so far, but there are just some crazy stupid people in the race this year that makes me want to strangle them. I am shocked that Brent/Caite and Jordan/Jeff are still in the race. For the most part, they've gotten by with some luck and one of them definitely would've been eliminated this week if it weren't for Joe/Heidi's U-turn. Their strength as "young fit" couples are dampened by their inability to work together and figure out simple instructions. We, then, get to Louie/Michael who aren't stupid as they came in #1 for two times in a row now, but going after Joe/Heidi? How was that strategically wise? Why not go after the teams that could threaten them down the line like the affable Jet/Cord or the nasty Carol/Brandy? Sure, they succeeded in getting rid of Joe/Heidi, but it was still a waste.

My dream results next week: Miles, Stevens, Urban, or Kelly goes home on American Idol. Emilio gets the cut on Project Runway. Louie/Michael gets their comeuppance or one of the stupid teams go on Amazing Race. Though I probably just jinxed Bowersox, Jay, and Jet/Cord. We'll see.

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