Friday, February 12, 2010

Posts Forthcoming

Seriously need to find the time and/or inspiration to post a few things again. Sadly my TV/film lists are bordering on being very outdated since we're well into the second month of 2010. But in the near future I will post my top 28 films of 2009 and my best of film/TV of the decade as well as further Oscar thoughts and a few other posts on recent TV. Just need to find the time.

Maybe I'll find the time during this holiday weekend. Maybe. Tonight I'll be watching the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympic. My family has this little tradition of watching the opening ceremonies so there's that. This year it's taking place in Vancouver over at our neighbor up north. Whenever someone mentions Canada all I can think of is How I Met Your Mother's resident Canadian character Robin Scherbatsky and of course her pop princess alter-ego Robin Sparkles. Too bad the Olympics are airing on NBC since it would've been just fantastic if CBS could get Robin Sparkles to sing at the ceremonies. Appropriate? Not really, but hey it's my fantasy.

"Let's go to the mall... today!"

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