Saturday, September 5, 2009

Summer 2009 Movies

Summer ends this weekend, so it's the best time to look back at the summer movies I've seen...

Star Trek (May 8) - Shockingly fun and smart with a charismatic cast. Perfect popcorn summer movie. B+

The Brothers Bloom (May 15) - Quirky storytelling with quirky dialogue said by quirky characters. I'm sort of in love. A-

Terminator Salvation (May 21) - Lacking much needed substance, but not as bad as everyone has been saying. B

Up (May 29) - It's Pixar. It made me cry several times. What else do I need to say? A

Transformers 2 (June 24) - Complete and utter waste of time and this coming from someone who liked the first film. C-

Harry Potter 6 (July 15) - One of the better installment of the series, it contained lots of heart and humor while still being oh so very depressing at times. B

500 Days of Summer (July 17) - All you need to know is it's about this incredible guy falling in love with a pretty girl who doesn't share his feelings. It's perfection. A

Julie & Julia (August 7) - Five words: Meryl Streep as Julia Child. Her performance like the movie as a whole was utterly delicious. B+

Time Traveler's Wife (August 14) - A decent adaptation of the book, but I expected to cry more. B

District 9 (August 14) - Like most I didn't know much at first and like most I was completely obsessed with it after screening. Wow. A

Taking Woodstock (August 26) - Perfect movie to see at the of summer. It was leisurely paced and completely charming. A-

So that was my summer in movies. I know there's still tons of movies I didn't catch like The Hangover and Inglorious Basterds. Anything other summer movies I should catch up on later?

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