Monday, September 28, 2009

Amazing Race: The Contestants

After only two legs, two teams have been eliminated and the rest of the teams are already in the other side of the world. Here are my initial thoughts on all of the teams in the order they came in during the most recent leg.

Gary & Matt (Father/Son) - They are running the race to spend more time together which is nice. And for now they seem to get along quite well and they seem really down-to-earth.

Sam & Dan
(Brothers) - Their hook is that they are both gay. Both of them seem to work quite well and if the other teams aren't carefuly, they can take over. Their friendship with the Poker Girls will be something to look at. I love that Dan gets giddy about everything. He practically flailed when he reached the mat.

Flight Time & Big Easy (Harlem Globetrotters) - With their height and affable personalities, they stand out. They seem to be in good spirits which make me a fan. BTW their real names are Herbert and Nathaniel.

Lance & Keri
(Engaged) - This is really the only team out of the whole lot that I do not like. She's okay for now, but he is an obnoxious jerk. The sad thing is I called him that after two seconds on screen. Oh please be eliminated next round.

Zev & Keri (Friends) - Zev has Asperger's which says a lot about how Justin seems to be really good friends with him. Not sure how Zev's disability will play into the competitions, but so far so good. In fact Zev (and Keri) are very likable.

Meghan & Cheyne
(Dating) - I don't have much to say about this couple except to say that they seem nice. They're athletic, but they don't have an air of entitlement about having to win. In fact they're the one team that seems to be in awe of their surroundings and being in Amazing Race.

Maria & Tiffany (Pro Poker Players) - They had a rocky start first by lying about their livelihood and then getting lost in Tokyo, but they used their focus to survive into the next round. They're a bit sketchy, but I still like them.

Mika & Canaan (Newly Dating) - They're Christian and "sexually pure" for one another. Do I have to say anything else, really?

Marcy & Ron (Dating) - How cute are they? They're the "Elderly Couple" but they have energy and life to rival some of the other teams. I love that they're both navigating the dating world at their age.

Brian & Ericka (Married) - He's white. She's black. Hilarity ensues. But yeah, that's their hook. I can see them getting annoying, but for now they're okay with me.

Garrett & Jessica (Dating On/Off) - They got eliminated so it doesn't matter what I thought of them except he really really wanted to win and she was Colombian.

Eric & Lisa (Married Yoga Teachers) - They were the first team to get eliminated and the first team in the show's history to get eliminated BEFORE the starting line. I was sort of glad they got booted, because their zen-ness would've probably driven me insane.

Shaping up to be another great season of Amazing Race!

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