Saturday, June 30, 2012

Michelle & Emma Are Corsetted Blondes

On the left is Michelle Williams at a special New York screening of her new film Take This Waltz. On the right is Emma Stone at the Germany premiere of her new movie The Amazing Spider-Man. They are two of my favorite actresses at the moment so I kind of dig that they seemed to have coordinated outfits (down to the shade of lipstick and type of shoes!) especially since these two events happened just a day apart.

Now this isn't a "who wore it better" type thing. Again, I love them both. I do like that while Michelle is doing her usual B&W deal, it's a bit sexier. And gosh darnit, she just looks HAPPY which makes me happy. As for Emma, she rarely looks bad in anything, but even if this could've gone in so many wrong directions (shoulder pads! corsetted neckline! bow!), she just makes it work. The cut, the color are all very flattering on her. So good on you ladies for looking fi-ine.

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