Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Pride NYC!

I try to see as many gay films as I can since I think that genre needs all the support it can get and yet the last gay film I saw in theaters was Weekend back in October. I really, really liked it. The most recent gay film I saw on Netflix though was Romeos which I saw two weekends ago. The German film is about a transgender man who takes a liking to a gay man and the inherent complications of their relationship. It was quite a good film and the two actors had real chemistry. Before that film I had seen other gay-themed films on Netflix such as Leading Ladies, KickOff, Albert Nobbs, and Pariah during the past month or so. Pariah, about a Brooklyn girl who deals with issues of identity and sexual expression, is the only film I'd recommend from the rest of those.

Photo courtesy of NYC Pride.

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