Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Box Office: The Avengers Reach Titanic Milestone

Yesterday, Joss Whedon's The Avengers reached a box office milestone only two other films in all of history has reached: $600 million. Actually, Whedon's film is the first non-James Cameron film to achieve this rare feat with the other two films being Titanic and Avatar. More impressively, The Avengers will actually pass the first-run gross of Titanic ($600.8 million) today. It has a chance of getting close to Titanic's final gross of $658.7 million which includes gross from its re-release earlier this year, but it probably won't beat it. Then again this is a film that had a record high opening weekend ($207.4 million), second weekend ($103 million), and was the fastest ever to $500 million (in 23 days). It might just surprise us once more.

Worldwide, the film has made $1.44 billion, which like its domestic gross, puts it squarely at the #3 spot all-time. Your move, Batman.

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