Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Idol Problem

Simon's out and now so is Ellen. Earlier today news broke out that Ellen DeGeneres has "quit" American Idol. She apparently realized during her one-year stint as judge that she really wasn't comfortable in doling our much needed criticisms to the contestants.

Of course, this is probably just the beginning of the big change the show will have to undertake to possibility recapture that certain X-factor the show had during its earlier seasons with Simon Cowell as judge. One could only hope that the departure of Simon and Ellen are not the first. In fact I think Randy Jackson should follow suit and quit while he's ahead since he's nothing but dead weight the past few season. Then there's the increasingly grating Ryan Seacrest who was inappropriately combatant and inexplicably self-centered which is the anti-thesis of being a host.

In fact out of all the people involved in the show last year, only Kara DioGuardi seemed to take her job seriously even if sometimes I don't agree with her. Thus with that I say clean house leaving Kara and surround her with TWO other judges who are not afraid to critique.

With that said, this is all moot if the contestants they pick next year are as lacking in personality and talent than last year. Granted it was difficult to top the Kradison year the year prior, but the long trod to the finale this past year certainly didn't help the show one bit. They don't have to reinvent the wheel since the show still gets blockbuster ratings, but picking new judges is just one of many issues they have to work out before the new season begins.

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