Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Nine Emmy Wishes

The Emmy nominations are announced tomorrow and I'm already preparing myself to be disappointed one way or another because that's how it goes nearly every year. But then mB had to make a blog post with his five Emmy wishes and I just had to steal steal his idea.

So here are some of my Emmy wishes tomorrow and yes, I realize that most of them will unlikely happen. Whatever.

1. Don't go Glee crazy!

Look it's the most buzzed new show of the season and it's a great show and one of my favorites, but don't go gaga over it. Please. This means think carefully about the acting nominations. Jane Lynch is a BIG YES. Lea Michele? Sure. Chris Colfer? Er, fine. Chenoweth or NPH as guest actors? Uh, all right. Now stop. Seriously. Stop. That's it.

2. Give some love to Modern Family and Community.

No doubt Modern Family will get a good amount of Emmy nominations, but I feel no matter what it gets, I'll think it should be more. All of its actors deserve nominations! It's not happening, but gah I will feel bad for those that get snub. As for Community, any Emmy recognition will be a miracle, but I'm crossing my fingers for ANY Emmy love for that show.

3. Want lots and lots and lots of nominations to LOST.

People may have had mixed reactions to the finale, but damnit it was still brilliant TV and it's done... forever! I want hoards of nominations especially for some of its cast. For such a strong ensemble show, it's insane to think about how many of its actors have been ignored by the Emmy. Of course Best Drama, Best Writing, Best Directing, etc. should be a no-brainer.

4. Remember Dollhouse!

Sure, its first season wasn't that strong and it was canceled. But its second season was so SO good. I'm not even asking for much. Maybe a writing nom here, a supporting actor nom there (Enver Gjokaj, Fran Kraz), etc. Anything really.

5. And Fringe! And Chuck!

Clearly, I'm rooting for shows that have no chance of Emmy nominations, but I'm trying to be optimistic here. John Noble delivers one of the most nuanced characters on TV this season and Chuck is just full of fun.

6. Don't forget Keir Gilchrist from United States of Tara!

This past TV season saw a bunch of gay teen storylines. Justin's Ugly Betty came out and had his first kiss. Kurt in Glee was front and center and equally fierce. And finally, the best of the bunch, Marshall dealt with finding his own gay identity in Tara. While Chris Colfer (Kurt) is in the more popular show, I hope the Emmys don't overlook the great job Keir Gilchrist (Marshall) did.

7. Other than the usual suspects or any actors I've already mentioned, here are other actors to not overlook:

Alison Brie, Alyson Hannigan, Alexander Skarsgard, Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, Archie Panjabi, Dichen Lachman, Christine Baranski, Danny Pudi, Joel McHale, and on and on and on. I know they ALL can't be nominated, but please please please just don't nominate someone because you've always nominated them. Think new! Think out of the box!

8. Speaking of out of the box, nominate Torchwood: Children of Earth!

I heard that BBC America decided not to submit this impeccable miniseries for consideration, but I say fuck it. That's right, fuck it. This is still the best TV I've seen the past year and for it to not be recognize AT ALL at TV's premiere award show, well it's just too depressing to think about.

9. Worship at the altar of Joss Whedon and retroactively declare Buffy the Vampire Slayer the best TV show of all time.

Talk about not holding my breath.


  1. I've been trying to post a comment here FOREVER. Really, I don't like Community but Yvette Nicole Brown (I think that's her name) is just hilarious. All I'm praying for is some love for Parks and Rec, Cheno and Krak. I'll take the inevitable disappointments in stride.

    (I'm not big on Lost but I want Naveen Andrews NOMINATED!!!!!)

  2. 1. Glee got 19 nods. Okay, they went a little nuts there, so wish probably not granted.

    2. Modern Family got 14 but no Community that I see, so half granted.

    3. 12 nominations for Lost (with Terry and Michael duking it out again), so granted!

    4. No Dollhouse love. Sorry.

    5. One for Fringe, one for Chuck, so something.

    6. Toni Collette won at some point, but I don't think she's up this year.

    7. Uh... I don't think any did, but Punjabi got one as some point previously.

    8. Sorry.

    9. Ah, but it has been crowned as such in the hearts of Whedonites everywhere.


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