Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Super Excited About Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

I usually don't talk about new TV shows coming up in the fall until the end of summer, but from what I've been seeing and hearing, there's going to be tons of new TV for me to obsess over and it's no shock that I'm already going gaga for Marvel's first TV show aka Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. which was officially picked up over the weekend and earlier today it was announced that it will anchor ABC's Tuesday nights in the fall at 8pm.

It was pretty easy for me to love the show without seeing any footage. First, Joss Whedon created it and will direct and co-write at least the pilot. No need for me to re-hash my absolute love for all things Whedon especially on the TV side. Second, I loved The Avengers so having the world live on in a television series is A-OK with me and while it's highly doubtful they'll be able to get Hollywood's superhero A-listers to make cameos, it's not an impossibility either. Third, I'm a sucker for super-powered humans. I grew up with and loved the X-Men cartoons as a young boy and enjoyed Heroes a bit longer than most people, so this show is right in that same wheelhouse. Finally, they managed to resurrect Agent Coulson and hired Ming-Na for a lead role.

Thankfully when footage was finally available in the form of a teaser trailer that debut on Sunday during the Once Upon A Time finale, it pretty much confirmed my initial excitement for the project. Everything became even clearer with the full trailer ABC released earlier today giving us a better understanding of the show's set up as well as more evidence of that witty dialogue Whedon is known for. See the full trailer below:

Yeah... so basically, I'm counting down the days until it's fall so I can watch this. And certainly there'll be plenty of people like me who will feel the same way. The real test for this kind of show is what they do after the high-budgeted much-hyped-about first episode.

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