Thursday, May 30, 2013

Orlando Bloom at the Cannes Film Festival

It seemed like summer was never going to come, but suddenly NYC is at the beginning of a possible heat wave with temperatures for the next three days reaching 90 degrees. And speaking of hot, what's going on with Orlando Bloom?

Regardless of my flawless talent for subtle segues, I truly was thinking about what Bloom was up to lately (this is a pro-Bloom blog so take your negativity out the door!). I know he'll be reprising his role as Legolas for the Hobbit films, but what else? Well, look no further than the Cannes Film Festival which ended just this past weekend. He was there looking dapper as fuck...

Bloom handed out the Best Actress award to Bérénice Bejo. He was also there promoting his film Zulu where he co-stars with Forest Whitaker. It was the closing film of the festival which is an honor or sorts I suppose. Both play cops based in Cape Town, South Africa dealing with crime, violence, and lingering effects of apartheid. I was only able to find a handful of reviews of the film and the general consensus seems to be that the location is fantastic while the film less so.

Orlando Bloom in Zulu

In spite of the sensationalistic violence that is apparently ever-present in the film, I'm looking forward to seeing it if only to ogle Bloom and his apparently tattooed and buffed up bod.

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