Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ready, Set, Blog: Smash! Tony Awards Nominations!

Let's just say my blogging hiatus over the past two months (9 posts total!) had to do with work and life interfering with quality writing time, but that would be implying this blog was actually known for its quality writing! Wonder if I can at least post something daily this month. Why not? No time like the present though. Watch this fail...

Megan Hilty as Marilyn in Smash

Speaking of watching things fail, let's talk about Smash shall we? Yes, I'm still watching the totally cancelled show which NBC shuttled off to Saturdays to die, but only because it really does take a lot for me to completely drop a show (hell I still watch Glee after all). With that said, how awful was this week's episode which ended with the ridiculous cliffhanger of Kyle possibly getting run over? Seriously?! As if they haven't already been hammering the parallels between Hit List and Rent throughout the season, they go and evoke the tragedy of Jonathan Larson to the proceedings? Even if Kyle survives, he'll probably be severely banged up and it all just feels like a cheap and tasteless ploy indicative of a show that seems to have been flailing all of its life. It's sad since its pilot was pretty damn great and just as recently as the episode prior, I was reminded how this show really could've been something worthwhile. In that episode, Bombshell finally had its opening night with the right actress portraying the part and kicking ass with that final number. The loathsome duo of Karen and Jimmy were even tolerable then with the former showing rare (very rare) nuance in her scenes watching Ivy play "her" part and afterwards in the dressing room consoling Ivy and the latter making some effort in trying to be something other than a complete jackass. Unfortunately both returned to heinous form this past week with Jimmy reaching levels of doucheyness I didn't even think was possible to reach and Karen back to her usual blank and insipid line deliveries (and now seducing Derek? UGH!). A match made in hell.

Of course the end game is clear here. Hit List will inevitably transfer to Broadway to go up against Bombshell forcing Ivy and Karen yet again to compete with one another (as if anyone would actually think it's a real competition) for the Tonys. The winner in the end is no one because UGH THIS SHOW. Now can this series just end already so we can get the special edition DVD that includes the full Bombshell musical?

The cast of Kinky Boots

And since I already mentioned it, just a few quick words on the recent and real Tony Awards nominations. Even though I live in NYC, I actually don't get to see Broadway shows as much as I would like, which also means while I'm fairly familiar with the shows that are out there, it's hard to actually form thoughts on the Tony Awards noms. The one thing I was surprised about was the Best Musical nomination for Bring It On, which I did see and thought was a fun time, but hardly worthy of a Tony nomination. Fellow nominees Kinky Boots and Matilda lead with the most nominations and it seems like it'll be a fight to death between those two. I'm hoping to check them both out especially since, like Bring It On, I quite liked their film versions. It'll also be nice seeing first-time Tony nominee Stark Sands of American Idiot fame in Kinky Boots looking as adorable as ever. Other than Bring It On, there are only two shows nominated I've seen. The first is The Mystery of Edwin Drood nominated for 5 Tony Awards including Best Revival of a Play and for Featured Actor Will Chase who played Michael Swift in Smash in its first season. The second show was The Heiress which only picked up 2 nominations including a very well-deserved one for Judith Ivey. Its main stars Jessica Chastain, Dan Stevens, and David Strathairn were all not nominated. The show itself won't lack for celebs with Tom Hanks, David Hyde Pierce, Nathan Lane, Cicely Tyson, Holland Taylor, Tony Shalhoub, Judith Light all nominated. Katherine McPhee is probably not invited though, but I really wish Sebastian Stan's abs were.

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