Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Emmy Ballot: TV Series

Tomorrow is the day the Emmys nominations will be announced. This year the beautiful Kerry Washington and the awesome Nick Offerman Jimmy Kimmel (Offerman had to cancel) will be doing the honors in announcing said nominees. Like every year I expect the worst, but always hope for the best. I mean that's why I do my own ballots after all. In any case, here are my picks for best TV series...

Disclaimer: Even though they only nominate 5-6 shows, voters are asked to pick "no more than 10" shows they "feel worthy of nomination." So I'll be picking 10, but making sure to highlight the 6 shows making up my top choices.

Happy Endings
Parks and Recreation

Cougar Town
Modern Family
New Girl
How I Met Your Mother

I was so very, very happy when Parks and Recreation finally broke through last year to get nominated. Hopefully this year it will do one better and WIN the top prize it so wholly deserves. The only other repeat nominee in my list is Modern Family, which while still good seems to be running on the fumes of its brilliant first season. The rest of the list, if nominated, would be first-time Emmy nominees. Veep and Girls, with their HBO cache have a better chance that most to be recognized, but I'm really, really hoping Community makes the break through Parks and Recreation had last year.

Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
The Good Wife

Mad Men

Like last year, I think my top tier nominees will be well-presented tomorrow (with the exception of Fringe of course) as well as Mad Men. Speaking of Mad Men, I think they had a very good season, but I'm hoping Breaking Bad ends their streak providing the AMC hit actually gets nominated which it should be with all its buzz and the Academy loving its actors. Downton Abbey and Game of Thrones did well last year, but may Emmy voters want to reward them again for a slightly lesser quality sophomore season? Homeland is the new kid on the block, but it's definitely right up their alley. I would be shocked if it wasn't nominated.

And that's it for my ballots! I'll surely post my (disappointed) reactions to the actual nominations tomorrow. Here's to hoping at least one or two pleasant surprises. In the meantime, to refresh your memory on my wishlist for the acting categories, click the following: Guest / Supporting / Leading.

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