Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday Captain America!

Saw the above image on tumblr last night and I knew I had to post it over here to wish y'all a Happy 4th of July! Kind of odd to think that this time last year, we hadn't even seen what Chris Evans could do as Steve Rogers aka Captain America.

Sure, we saw the commercials with Evans' head on some puny dude's body and we all snickered at the image, but I remembered walking away from Captain America: The First Avenger quite happy with the casting. Evans has that perfect mix of sensitive all-American alpha male puppy dog thing going for him that really works. He further proved his chops in The Avengers making the audience believe that even with the ego of Stark, the bigness of the Hulk, and the godly status of Thor, it is Captain America who is the captain of their band of heroes. And yes, his flying monkeys line never fails to amuse.

I'll be spending America's and Captain America's birthday with the usual bbq and fireworks and perhaps seeing his fellow Marvel superhero Spider-Man sling web.


  1. Oh mah Lawd... ::faints::

  2. Ahah, of course you had to choose THAT photo of him and his glorious moobies :D

    I had a Capt. America-related post for the Fourth as well, Ryan.


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