Monday, October 19, 2009

Audience Reactions

I saw Where the Wild Things Are Sunday morning this past weekend so I expected families with kids to be the bulk of the audience and I was right. Since I rarely see movies with this type of audience, I wanted to see how they reacted to the trailers that were shown.

There were four trailers shown, three being animated films. The first trailer was for Astro Boy. The kids ate it up and laughed a good amount. I heard one parent say "They really are running out of material aren't they?" which I didn't get. Was there a prior Astro Boy film I have never heard?

The second trailer was for Fantastic Mr. Fox. This time the kids were more subdued, while most of the laughter came from the adults (and me). There were some ooh and ahhs from the adults when Meryl Streep's name came up. I chuckled at that especially since it was George Clooney's voice that was the star for most of the trailer.

Finally, we get to Disney's 3D version of A Christmas Carol. Even before the trailer proper started I overheard a parent say "Oh, it's Disney? Shame." Heh. When we see The Grinch Scrooge for the first time, a group of young kids clapped and yelled out Jim Carrey's name. Weird. Didn't know he had such a young fanbase. After the trailer, a mom and her daughter talked about whether they were going to watch it.

Mom: Looks nice doesn't it?
Daughter: Yeah, but let's not watch it in 3D. It gives me a headache.
Mom: Okay, honey. [audible contented sigh]

What's the point of this post? Nothing really. Just thought I'd share. Though I did learn that Astro Boy is so passé, Meryl Streep can still rock it even as an animated fox, and 3D is such a migraine.

Oh and BTW just in case you were curious, I really liked (love? not sure yet) Where the Wild Things Are.

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