Wednesday, April 30, 2014

On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink

The fact that I didn't wear pink today, of all days, will probably haunt me for years... maybe even decades. Unfortunately, the 10-year anniversary of the one and only Mean Girls fell on a week where I'm out of town (though not as far as Africa) so this all-too brief post is all you'll get from me. But really, what else is there left to say? I do think it's one of those films that has gotten better with age. It's super quotable (Boo, you whore!), smartly written, and just really fun. I actually can't believe that Tina Fey didn't get an Oscar nomination for the screenplay.

The greatest people you'll ever meet

Anyways four years ago, I blogged about my favorite shot from the film. The shot is above and you can read my post here. You can also check out what other people picked here and thereby relive some of the best moments from the film. Maybe in 11 years when the show turns 21 and the next time its anniversary will fall on a Wednesday, I'll be ready.

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