Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Birthday Boy: Brad Pitt

Three-time Oscar nominee, 2-time recipient of People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive honor, and perennial Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt hit the big 5-0 today! And man has he done a lot. I mean I've seen 21 of his films and that's less than half of what he has done and he's far from done. Just this year, he starred in *and produced* the unexpected hit World War Z as well as this year's Oscar front-runner 12 Years A Slave.

But let's back up just a bit. Now, I actually don't have a *favorite* performance of his, but who didn't rewind their cassette tape (haha, wow) when J.D. appeared in Thelma & Louise or totally got obsessed with vampires after his turn in Interview with a Vampire? Or had wicked dreams regarding Tyler Durden and his fondness for tight pants and shirtlessness? Yeah, those were the days. Yup... wait, where was I? Oh right! If you said no to all of those, then you're not me. So with those fond memories, just have to say happy birthday Brad!

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