Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hank and Marie Watch...

Unlike most of twitter, I saw very little of the VMAs this past weekend. I feel old most of the times now so I don't need to watch something that's going to exacerbate that feeling. I did check out that underwhelming blink-and-miss *NSYNC reunion, because I'm only human, but for the most part most of the big moments from that show I heard secondhand via social media. I was too busy doing something else or watching Breaking Bad. Anyways, Miley Cyrus apparently had a performance that was so over-the-top and crazy that the internet just couldn't shut up about it.

Of course the internet being the internet, a video of Cyrus' performance was mashed up with a very serious and pivotal scene from the most recent Breaking Bad episode just a day later creating a pitch perfect commentary on both.

The clip has quickly gone viral and could very well be the beginning of a meme of the Breaking Bad characters Hank and Marie watching something that makes them uncomfortable. For example, after the cut is another video that shows Walt giving his in-laws a different and most surprising DVD...

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