Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Birthday Hotties: Adam Scott & Jamie Bamber

I had no idea until today that Adam Scott and Jamie Bamber share not only a birthday, but they're actually the same age and both of them turn, wait for it, 40 this year. Apparently 40 is the new sexy or something.

Scott stars as Ben Wyatt in Parks and Recreation one of my favorite shows out right now. His chemistry with Amy Poehler was palpable from their first episode together back in the end of the show's second season culminating to one of the best relationships on TV the past few years. Suffice to say, their wedding episode killed me. With their relationship as strong as Parks likely future on the network, I'm looking forward to seeing more of them! Not surprisingly (since he's worked in the business for nearly two decades now), Parks isn't the first TV show I had seen Scott in. In fact, I still fondly remember his four-episode stint on Boy Meets World back in the mid 90s as the too-cool-for-school leader of the bullies. He has also appeared in Party of Five and a bit more recently in Party Down. He has appeared in numerous films like Friends with Kids, Leap Year, Bachelorete, and The Aviator.

As for Bamber, he will forever be Lee "Apollo" Adama from Battlestar Galactica with his penchant for sleeveless shirts,  towels, and severe daddy issues. While his character wasn't my favorite, he was probably the actor I most enjoyed watching and not just because of the obvious eye candy. When I found out after the fact that he was British, it's like my world flipped upside down. Suddenly I discovered that he starred in a bunch of Horatio Hornblower TV movies on the other side of the pond. After Galactica ended, he went back to England to star in Law & Order: UK starring alongside another Freema Agyeman, another sci-fi actor I admire. I really wished I had seen more of that show. But remember when BBC America aired both Galactica and Law & Order? They had real fun with Bamber's Secret Britishness in ads. He did a few more guest stars on American TV, but his biggest job since is being one of the leads on TNT's Monday Mornings as a neurosurgeon. The show's future is a little less sure, but I'm confident that no matter what happens Bamber will continue to get jobs either here or in Britain.

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