Saturday, August 8, 2015

Sense8 Renewed!

I haven't really talked about the show Sense8, which looks increasingly likely to be my favorite new show of the summer. It's original and epic in its scope and narrative and the cast is 100% perfection from the kickass ladies to the seriously hot guys. It's not a perfect show at all (the government conspiracy plot is thin and slightly convoluted) but it's the kind of show that aims high and its characters are one of a kind. Anyways, I'll find a reason sometime soon hopefully to talk more about the show. I mostly wanted to post a quick video that Netflix posted on their twitter today, 8/8 (which not so coincidentally is an important date for the show's mythos), announcing the show's 2nd season renewal!

So with the renewal in the bag, it's great to know I'll be getting some more wonderful stories with these fantastic characters. And if you haven't seen the show yet, do yourself a favor and get right on that.

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  1. I can certainly empathize with wanting to support a show that caters the LGBT lifestyle choice but am unsure about whether a show that so blatantly expressed Christophobia via hate speech should go without criticism of its lack of tolerance in not celebrating diversity.


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