Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Birthday Boy: Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul celebrates his 35th birthday today. Just a couple days ago, he picked up his third Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series making him the youngest and only actor to win the award three times. He won it for playing one of the best characters in TV, Jesse Pinkman, who went from meth-head punk to sympathetic hero in the course of Breaking Bad's run. His character to many, including myself, became the heart of Breaking Bad especially towards the show's end and he and the show will be missed. I still remember that Labor Day weekend four years ago when I started watching the show and noticed Paul's talents.

Of course, I had seen Paul prior to his Breaking Bad stint most memorably in Big Love playing the love interest of Amanda Seyfried's character. He was also pretty good in Smashed alongside Mary Elizabeth Winstead. He also appeared in bit parts on a few TV shows and movies such as Veronica Mars, Joan of Arcadia, Mission: Impossible III, Get Real, and a whole bunch more. As for what his future entails, he starred in Need for Speed earlier this year and will be in Exodus: Gods and Kings. neither of those projects excite me. Instead, I look forward to next year for Fathers and Daughters which reunites him with Seyfried and John Hillcoat's Triple Nine which has an enviable ensemble (Winslet, Reedus, Harrelson, Affleck, Mackie, Ejiofor).

But really whatever he does now, he'll always be Jesse Pinkman and everyone will always want him to call them bitch. I know that's my dream.

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