Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pilot Thoughts: Super Fun Night and The Millers

Didn't really have time to write about any TV this past week, but here are my quick thoughts on two new shows I saw...

Perhaps it was the severely low expectations I had prior to seeing the premiere or maybe because they decided to skip the presumably awful pilot and show the second episode instead, but I didn't actually think Super Fun Night was too bad. Broad? Severely. Cardboard characters? Certainly. Stupid? Many times. But at more than a few moments, it did resemble something kind of fun. It even reminded me of Miranda, a hilarious and wonderful show across the pond starring comic genius Miranda Hart. Like Miranda, Super Fun Night mines a lot of its comedy from the awkwardness, socially and physically, of its main character, in this case Kimmie Boubier played by the totally game Rebel Wilson. Unlike Miranda, however, Super Fun Night isn't as interesting, its supporting characters are flat, and the jokes are a mess. I like Wilson (even more when she uses her regular accent and not trying to pull off an American one like she does here), but this show doesn't deserve her. C+

The Millers is the kind of show that I'm willing to give some time to find its footing mostly because I'm a big fan of Greg Garcia's last show, Raising Hope, and because the cast is pretty great including the always fantastic Margo Martindale. The pilot itself wasn't terrible, except for the one pivotal scene where Tom (Beau Bridges) spurred on by the news of his son Jack's (Will Arnett) divorce decides to finally divorce his overbearing and controlling wife (Martindale). I was shocked I didn't go deaf during the scene from all the loud yelling. It wasn't pretty. But as I said, I'm willing to give it some leeway. I actually like the premise of each parent living with a different kid. In the pilot, we got lots of Arnett and Martindale, so I'm looking forward to seeing how Bridges and Jayma Mays play off one another. Oh and did I mention they also did Dirty Dancing? How can I hate a show that does this? B-

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