Sunday, March 10, 2013

Quick TV Thoughts...

Forgot to talk about TV last week, but it was mostly fine since many of my usual shows took their usual break post-February sweeps. But not those non-broadcast shows though which all kept chugging right along including one show I haven't nearly talked about all season even though I really should have been aka Shameless.

Give Emmy Rossum an Emmy Already

I had to really catch up on this show which is exactly what I did over the weekend marathoning the last five episodes. The fact that Emmy Rossum hasn't even been nominated for an Emmy yet for her role as Fiona Gallagher on Shameless is an absolutely travesty, but she has only gotten even better in this also pretty damn good third season of the show. Perhaps it's the case of both the show and the character working together flawlessly because the more the show keeps crapping on Fiona and her family, the more the actors and their characters are given a chance to show their mettle. But really it's Rossum who's the show's MVP with her most recent courtroom scene to try and get guardianship of her siblings a slam dunk for Emmy consideration in a perfect world. I also want to praise William H. Macy for really committing to playing one of the most heinous characters on TV I have had the displeasure of watching as well as the rest of the ensemble who give nothing about 100% to their roles. If you aren't watching this show yet, you're missing out.

But Wait! Keri Russell Kicks Ass Too!

Another show you should probably be watching is The Americans which I still maintain, after a few episodes in, is a hybrid of Mad Men, Homeland, and Alias in all the best ways. Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell's performances with or without the spy wigs are captivating especially in this latest episode that forced both of them to really think about their mission, their loyalty to it above all else, and to each other. Rhys this season seemed to have had the flashier role so far, but Russell is slowly catching up to him with one scene in particular as she expressed her "displeasure" to new handler played by Margo Martindale. And I haven't even mentioned Noah Emmerich and his tense subplot with his informant/kinda paramour Nina.

No One Likes Andrea, but Michonne is Funny

I'm not an Andrea hater or anything like many people are, but her affinity with the Governor irks me. I get that she isn't exactly privy to the same information us the audience have, but is she so seriously emotionally bonded to him that it has become difficult to actually convince her he's not right in the head even after all of the evidence? Thankfully we took a breather last week to follow just Rick, Carl, and Michonne into Rick's hometown to get more guns enabling us to not only get to know Michonne more finally, but to also reunite with Morgan from the pilot. It was probably one of the season's strongest episode mostly because Lennie James painted such a heartbreaking bleak character study.

Girls Delves Deeper Into Its Characters

So Hannah has OCD? I'll go along with it, especially since it's at least giving a dimension to Hannah that I actually don't find annoying plus I always love finding more about her checkered history with her parents. It was also nice to see Adam again and this time acting shockingly (and to be honest unnervingly) normal, even going on a relatively charming blind date. And though I love Shoshanna and Ray together, Shoshanna's impromptu make-out session brought a smile to my face. No real comment on Marnie's or Jessa's existential crises, but Marnie singing to Ray was definitely a highlight.

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