Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rainbow is shining through...

This post is part of Nathaniel's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" series in which the participants must post a single image from a movie he or she deems as the "best shot" for any particular reason.

To celebrate the centennial of one Gene Kelly, the film for this week is none other than the joyful and exuberant Singin' in the Rain. Now it may surprise a lot of people, but I have never seen this film. I know. I know. It's one of the films that was in my Cinematic Bucket List. I'm glad I can finally cross that off the list especially since this film was apparently my first Gene Kelly film as well! And boy have I been missing out. This musical was top to bottom magnificent. It made me laugh, made me want to learn tap dancing, and most obviously made me fall in love with Kelly.

One of my favorite shots of him, displayed above, was in the "Broadway Melody" sequence mostly because of the technicolored palette: the strong red background, his neon yellow shirt, the fun green-striped shirt, the shockingly pink tie. It might be described as garish and yet Kelly, with his infectious smile and overwhelming charisma, pulls it all off wonderfully. I also love the end of that whole imagined sequence when he looks straight into the camera showing us his sexy and then his goofy side:

But the film is not just Kelly. The movie wouldn't be as funny and delightful as it is without strong supporting characters. First and foremost has got to be Jean Hagen who played the shrilly-voiced Lina Lamont with such aplomb that she nearly became my favorite character despite her antagonistic role in it. My favorite shot of her comes near the end of the film when she finally has had enough and confronted the producer. After all, did they think she was dumb or something? The camera then lingers on her diabolical smile offset by her all-pink attire...

And yet none of the above images were my picks for "best shot." As indecisive as I am, it was difficult to pick this. I had about a dozen choices including shots from the first time Don and Kathy danced with each other in the elegantly set sound-stage as well as shots from that beautiful dream sequence with Kelly dancing with the lovely Cyd Charisse wearing that gorgeous white dress. I could've easily chosen either one of those scenes especially to highlight all of the superb dancing throughout the film. Instead however I picked a shot that probably depicts how many people feel after watching the film. My best shot:

It's the trio of Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald O'Connor slumped on the couch tired after another one of their epic performances, but clearly extremely happy to be in each other's company. Their faces give me so much joy just as much as this movie did.


  1. So glad that this series forced you to watch this film. It's so delightful. Nice choice.

  2. So, so happy you saw this! I love "Make 'em laugh" and of course the infamous puddle dance. But somehow, that great scene where Lena and Don are acting for the camera and he's basically calling her a swine for killing Cathy's career while she's threatening her, all while pantomiming a love scene? Or the infamous microphone test? Geez, I wanna play Lena Lamont! Who wouldn't!

  3. Just now? Well I saw this in college so I think we're good in that respect. The colours in this movie are so solid, yes. My vest shot in the movie is my best shot but I could equally have written something about the Lakers colour combination, among other visual greatness that this movie offers.


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